Garden BBQ Buffet @ Holiday Inn Nanchang

Join us for a fantastic BBQ buffet at the Holiday Inn, Honggutan, Nanchang.

Just RMB 138 per person!

Creme Brulee Garden BBQ Events
This summer, all I want is B&B (BBQ & Beer)!!!
The Summer Solstice is coming and the best hotel garden BBQ party is coming too!

The Party will be held at Holiday Inn’s Lobby Bar and outdoor garden on Saturday June 18th.

While enjoying delicious food and lovely weather, the local famous international band — A Clowder of Cats will perform at the party....
Engage your perfect Saturaday at Crème Brulee!

The party starts from 17:30 to 21:00,18th June
17:30-18:00 Welcome Drink
18:00-20:30 BBQ Buffet, and free flow on Tsingtao Beer and soft drinks
20:30-21:00 Cocktail
HappyHour all night with beer:
Heineken –RMB15/Bot
Carlsberg –RMB15/Bot
Corona –RMB15/Bot

Address: No. 8 Chun Hui Road, Honggutan, Nanchang

TEL:0791-8206 6888-8377