Gyms by VNC Readers

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The Health and Fitness scene in Nanchang seems to be blooming. 5 years ago the choice of Gyms was limited to those in hotels or Kingsport Gym in Honguttan.  The hotel gyms were relatively expensive to visit (unless you were a friend of a friend) and Kingsport was not always convenient to get to especially for those not living in the Honguttan area.

In recent years a number of modern gyms have sprung up in the Hongguttan area and are of reasonable quality.


Most notable is Tony Brother Fitness.  They offer a range of free weights, machine weights and numerous Cardio Classes and Yoga.  The services offered include regular fitness assessments, personal trainers and coaches.  The yearly membership there depends on the choice of services required but on the whole is reasonable. As an example, 12months yearly membership that includes all services except a personal trainer an access to the swimming pool is around RMB2800.


If you are like me and combine an exercise regime with diet plan, things do become a little difficult especially trying to find the right dietary products from the likes of Rainbow or the local supermarkets. However, Taobao comes in handy when you need to find Protein powders and specialty foods like flax oil/meal.  Fortunately, vegetables are in plentiful supply and there's never a shortage of lean meats like chicken and pork.


Who knows, if the locals get into Health and Fitness, perhaps we may see the famed "Gold's Gym" make an appearance.