Fun Dows Beer Supermarket

Imported beers, lagers, IPAs and more at Fun Dows

The English name of this store may sound strange but it's based on the Chinese name which is actually Nanchang hua rather than standard Mandarin. In Nanchang hua XX can be translated as XX in Mandarin or XX in English.

The store, opened in May 2016, stocks over XX types of beers including fghkdjfghdjkfghkdjghf in its three large triple coolers. They also stock a vareity of glasses to match some of the beers they sell.  

Upstairs there's also a small 'bar' area and outside there are a few tables and chairs so cutomers can enjoy their purchases in store as well as taking them home.

Zakk, one of the owners of Fun Dows, says the idea behind the store is to fdhglkjdfhgdjfhlkjsdhf

Address: Far East Peninsula, 2nd floor. 137 FuHe BeiLu, Nanchang