by Milimo Zumbunu.

This review aims to bring to light a few aspects of bars found in Nanchang ,their locations,  what you should expect and maybe who you should expect to live

On that note, lets get started.

1.Margarets Bar. ( Hong Gu tan)                                        (Address here)

Getting there …

 Margaret’s bar is conveniently located in Nanchang’ upscale Hong Gu Tan district, at the corner of a fairly busy intersection the bar is  hard to miss. See top for Adress.

The  bar has sits both inside and outside, Personally I recommend the outside seats, They come with a pleasant view, Fresh air and an opportunity to see a side of the city seen by few. Nanchang has an amazing night sky.

Service wise the bar offers excellent Expat friendly entertainment. From the music right down to the  friendly Fu yuans. Margaret’s has a pool table, Live music, Foreign playlists/Music and finally descent snacks to go with it all.

Now getting to the not so interesting part, Bills!

 How much would an average night out cost ? To put things in perspective a six pack of corona will cost you around a 120RMB, Soo a 150 RMB should get the average Expat well watered.

I would recommend Margaret’s for a simple, easy going night out. Probably nothing excessive…. Side note, they  have “poles” on most tables not sure what they are for, but I thought I should just put it out there..

Disclaimer: The writer is not responsible for any gymnastics that may take place on said pole, He does however reserve the right to be thrown out when watching the above mentioned show. Thanks ?




2. Rice Bar.

Also located in Hong Gu Tan, Rice bar is a stones throw away from Margaret’s bar. It is literally across the road from Margaret’s plus about 5 minutes walk. Rice bar is slightly hidden from the main road, not necessarily a place you just bump into. This ensures  some sort of privacy, making it ideal for anybody that isn’t a big fan of rowdy Chinese crowds, No offence.

Service there is similar to margarets, though the place has a sort of night club feel to it. The bar also offers live music and an assortment of snacks. The host/Manager of rice bar is what makes it stand out. He comes across as friendly and inviting, the very definition of a good time Charlie.

So, whats the damage …

Rice bar will cost you nearly the same amount as Margaret’s, this applies to the average drinker, a nearly extinct species of the expat species.


3. Bossa Nova Garden.

Also locted in Hong Gu Tan (No surprise there), Bossa Nova is easy to access from both sides of the bridge as it is located close to both the river and the bridge, about 15 mins away from the afore mentioned bars.

It’s the only bar that is Expat owned, making  expats the primary customers. It therefore goes to say that this should be the most expat friendly of all three bars give or take. The bar offers Live music and a wide selection of foreign genres music wise, on entry you will notice the latin theme the place  has. Bossa offers beer, Great service and an even better host and hostess. They are soo nice they’ll come over from the counter  and dance with you, they also do a barbecque on Thursdays and Fridays. As far as seats go, there’s plenty of room both inside and outside. Outside seats offer an excellent view of the Gan river and the Bayi bridge.

Cost wise, Bossa is good on the pocket for an average night out as always around 200RMB  give or take should do the trick for a night. Also makes for a great place to meet most expats in Nanchang.